Monday, May 11, 2009

Peeve is a Nasty Word but an Even Nastier Problem

I was conversing with a fellow man about pet peeves the other day. He remarked that he hates it when people spell things rong. A stimulating discussion followed as this is my pet peeve as well. I expecially hate it when peeple spell things rong in advertisements or anything of a professional nature.

More importantly, however, the anger and consequent tension in the air after addressing this pet peeve revealed to me a more important discovery. My real pet peeve is people who actually have pet peeves. I mean, the only ones I have relate to spelling and cleverness in professional settings which, in my mind, are pretty reputable pet peeves. People who have time and a desire to think through what their pet peeves are should probably contribute that time to more worthy occupations such as inventing things, curing diseases, or bringing pogs back.

When you think about it, people who have pet peeves are the kind of people that raise their hands in class to tell the teacher he forgot the periods when he wrote, "I am smarter than everyone That's why they hate me" on the board. Or else they are the kind of people that correct you when you say, "See you tomorrow," when you won't really see them 'til the next day. "Don't you mean Wednesday, he he." "Oh right, how could I be such an idiot. Thank you for clarifying that for me." They may even tell you to stop for pedestrians or chew before you swallow. Those people. Their satisfaction must come from discovering what annoys them most and then pointing it out to people or else letting the irritation build up inside until it explodes like an eighth grade papier maché volcano project.

It doesn't help that every getting to know you game asks, "what's your biggest pet peeve?" Wait... let me grab my notebook so I can remember not to breathe around you. Pet peeves, shmet peeves. Sometimes we are too sensitive about our own comfort. Here's a list of my pet peeves:
1. People with pet peeves
2. Misspelling in a professional setting
3. People chewing with their mouth open
4. People who correct other people when what they say is understood just stated incorrectly
5. Leaving 3 seconds or more on the empty microwave
6. Buttoning the top button of a polo shirt
7. People who dislike Donny Osmond
8. Teachers that give homework over holidays
9. Stop signs
10. Country music
11. There's a lot more where that came from
12. People who make lists that don't end at 10

Woo! I'm glad I got that off my chest!