Friday, January 22, 2010

What's Good

I'm getting married so my brain won't function. Or perhaps I am getting married because my brain won't function. That's what all the non-mormons think, anyways. The contrast between a mormon response to a wedding announcement and a non-mormon response continually reminds me that mormons are, indeed, a peculiar people.

"I am getting married about five months from now in July."

Mormon Response: "Perfect. You're engagement time will about quadruple your dating time. Ever consider moving it up to May?"

Non-Mormon Response: "Wait. July of THIS year?!?"

"I am 22-years-old"

Mormon Response: "Man, you sure are lucky to have found a man older than you up at school. You barely dodged the relationship limbo they call the singles' ward."

Non-Mormon Response: 'Oh, how sweet. She genuinely thinks it will last!'

"He and I are both going to be English teachers."

Mormon Response: "I hope you don't mind being poor."

Non-Mormon Response: "Very, very, very poor."

"We've been officially dating since Thanksgiving."

Mormon Response: "Oh yeah? Well my cousin dated for ten days before she got engaged and my grandpa proposed after three dates and my mother's aunt just ran into this guy and she knew she'd marry him so they went and got married and..."

Non-Mormon Response: (Grin, blank stare, exhale, exit room)

To mormons and non-mormons alike, marriage might mean the death of independence, a plea for poverty, or an onslaught of annoyances; but, to me marriage will mean one simple thing: incredible blog material.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Student Teaching Update

You know all those times when you've fallen asleep in a room of people and they start talking around you whispering, "She's asleep," and then you have to concentrate really hard on keeping your eyes closed because you think you've fooled them but the joke is really on you because now you are forced to lay there with your eyes closed for an honorable amount of time just so they think you were, indeed, asleep when they were talking about you? That's sort of what student teaching feels like.